Explore Woodsies renowned puzzling
garden maze & extensive collection of 
crystals, fossils, and carvings.


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9am - 5:30pm


The Garden Maze

If you like a challenge, then come down and venture through Woodsies Garden Maze.

Spanning over an acre with numerous one-way gates, the garden maze can be enjoyed by all ages. It is a fun-filled adventure perfect for the whole family. Only the bravest dare to enter!

  • Admission : Adults $2  Children $1

   Stone Cutting

Friday Saturday Sunday

Have the chance to observe cutting and grinding of gem stone. Learn how jewellery is cast, and how stones are cut and polished.


Aladdin's Cave

The Woods family has an extensive collection of crystals, fossils, and carvings that have been found all around the world.

In Aladdin’s Cave, you can learn about which countries and states of Australia these beautiful stones originate from and see what they look like in their natural form. You will be surprised to see how minerals are used in everyday life.

  • Admission : $2 Adults $1 for Children

Other Services & Events

The Gift Shop

Browse our selection of beautiful items for sale. Great gift ideas for that special someone.

Little Kim's Café

Kim's Caf'e has all you need to fill up after your adventuring. Try out our delicious menu!

Meals + Snacks
Coffee + Milkshakes

Birthday Parties

A popular venue for all ages to celebrate with friends and family.

Outside dining + Playground
Kids Birthday party packages


(03) 5024 5797


516 Cureton Ave,
Nichols Point VIC 3501